Agrolympics will have the Prakor tools for the drip irrigation test

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Prakor puts its tools for drip irrigation at the disposal of the students of a score of participating centers in “Agrolympics Murcia 2019” that will be held during the fair FAMEINNOWA in Torre Pacheco (Murcia).

The Agrolympics agricultural Olympiad is being held for the first time in Spain at the IFEPA exhibition center in Torre Pacheco (Murcia) from April 4 to 5, and will coincide with the FAMEINNOWA agricultural fair. This contest will serve to select the representative of Spain in the next agricultural Olympiad at European level, Agrolympics Poland 2019, to be held in Poland in June.

The Olympiad is aimed at students of vocational training centers related to the agricultural and food sector, which must perform 20 tests of the most varied, among which are, for example, fruit and vegetable packaging, making lemon juice, oil and cheese tasting, machinery management, drip irrigation installation, etc. The complete list of tests can be found on the web

For the test of irrigation facilities students will have the possibility to use during the agrolympiadas PRAKOR tools, the most innovative and efficient market. In addition, they already have use guides and video tutorials at their disposal to know how each of these tools works in the field.

According to the organization, among the registered centers are teams from Lleida, Valencia, Cáceres, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas, Navarra, Valladolid, Murcia and a team from Portugal.

See you on the 4th and 5th of April at Agrolympics Murcia 2019!

Test conditions 1: Mount an irrigation installation

The conditions of this first Agolympics test consists of mounting a localized irrigation installation with different types of drippers, in 10 minutes. Participants must connect a pipeline to the irrigation network, to which connected integrated dripper hoses, with their correct length, will be connected to some cultivated plateaus marked on the ground. In addition, watering will be installed in pots with plant arranged in lines, which will consist of a polyethylene hose per row, a dropper button, microtube and pickaxe per plant. All hose ends will have a plug. At the end of the test, the pipe will be pressed to check for water leaks and penalize, if necessary.

Download PDF with full test



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