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Agrolympics will have the Prakor tools for the drip irrigation test

Prakor puts its tools for drip irrigation at the disposal of the students of a score of participating centers in “Agrolympics Murcia 2019” that will be held during the fair FAMEINNOWA in Torre Pacheco (Murcia).

Digest intelligent Fertirrigation of the III Congress of Bone fruit in Murcia

From Prakor we want to bring you closer to our particular and partial summary of the interesting Roundtable on Intelligent Fertirrigation held at the III Congress of Bone fruit. We hope you are interested…

Components of a localized irrigation system (part II)

We now analyze the components of the irrigation network and the programming systems, as a continuation of the article to define the components of a drip irrigation installation.

Components of a localized irrigation system (part I)

Drip irrigation, also called localized irrigation or irrigation drop by drop, is to supply water in the area surrounding the roots of plants. To do this, it is necessary to have an installation that adapts to different factors: land, type of soil, species to cultivate, climate and level of automation that the agricultural exploitation needs.

Drip irrigation in the vine

We analyzed how to calculate the water needs of a drip irrigation system in a vineyard, taking into account the contributions of rain and other factors to obtain an optimal harvest.

Drip irrigation in intensive agriculture

Drip irrigation supplies water slowly and evenly at low pressure through plastic hoses installed inside or near the root zone of the plants. Its use is oriented to intensive agriculture in the outdoors or in a greenhouse. Find out what it brings to intensive agriculture.


Drip irrigation systems have many benefits, such as being ecologically healthy, profitable, providing a higher success rate and promoting healthier plants. Further benefits are listed below: Water saving: When plants need water, a drip irrigation system that will provide water with much less runoff or evaporation. Root zone: Your plants need water at their roots, […]


Studies show that drip irrigation systems use 30% – 50% less water than conventional irrigation methods. Improves growth: small amounts of water applied over a longer period of time provide ideal growth conditions. Drip irrigation extends irrigation times for plants, and prevents soil erosion and nutrient runoff. In addition, because the flow is continuous, the […]