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Prakor’s tools are spreading on other Youtube channels, calling them very interesting and on the other level of the rest, and they are incredibly ingenious to solve common problems in drip irrigation facilities.

Prakor tools facilitate routine tasks in drip irrigation facilities, in professional installations, both in greenhouses and in the field.

Our Youtube channel PrakorAgro collects the different uses in the irrigation facilities of all our tools, from pipe bonding, accessory coupling, drilling and insertion into pipes, and tightening keys.

Today in our blog post, we collect the references that other Youtube channels make us about the uniqueness and quality of our tools and machines for the tasks for which they have been designed.

EDWIN’s Youtube channel

We start with the EDWIN channel that in your video called “Most Interesting Tools That Are On Another Level“, the most interesting tools that are on another level, can be seen in the following video from minito 0:17 to 1:27, makes a review of all our Prakor tools by describing the main use of each of them.


EDWIN Channel Reference (Tools, Technology, Construction) :

Top 5ves HD Youtube channel

Top 5ves HD channel shows in your video “Amazing Ingenious TOOLS you can Buy Now 2020 PART: 2″and presents Prakor’s tools as one of the most incredible and ingenious that can be purchased this year 2020, classifying them as the number 1 in this part II, and shows us how all of them work: 1. Panther, 2. Alligator, 3. Mammoth, 4. Scorpion, 5. Bear, 6. Eagle, 7. Gorilla. The video has more than 1.5M views and Prakor’s tools can be viewed at 6:17 minutes of the following video.


Top 5ves HD channel reference with 240,000 subscribers :

Freeze Lists Youtube channel

In the Video of the Freeze Lists channel, called “These ingenious tools are insane,” check the use of our Gorilla machine,specialized in the connection of polyethylene irrigation pipes with diameters from D40 to D63 mm, with or without joining accessories, can be seen between seconds 0:08 to 1:18 of the following video.


Freeze Lists Channel Reference:

Prakor maintains the highest quality standards in the manufacture of its tools. If you want a professional job, choose Prakor, don’t accept imitations.

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