Hose drill for drip irrigation

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One of the most accurate tasks in a drip irrigation facility is the drilling of the hose for the shunts, without causing leaks or spoiling the pipe. We explain how to achieve it with maximum efficiency.

In the installation of a drip irrigation system you have to perform different tasks between which is to drill the irrigation hose to insert secondary bypass fittings both horizontally and vertically.

Drill irrigation pipes to insert the bypass fitting

Traditionally these tasks are performed manually, requiring significant physical effort to drill the hose using a punch or punching, which is also not always of the necessary caliber, and subsequently with brute force or with very rudimentary instruments, introduce the bypass attachment or fifting to which the shunt hose is added again. This system of work, repeated during time, generates significant physical wear and possible injuries to the hands and wrists, and very often generates breakage or slack, which causes water loss difficult to solve, and that are only detected when the irrigation system is started.

The hose drill or punched drill Panther Titanium drill,designed and manufactured by Prakorallows in a single manoeuvre, puncture the main hose horizontally and insert the bypass fifting at the same time, with the certainty that it has done the operation perfectly ensuring that there are no losses, breaks or clearances. Similarly, if you want to drill the irrigation hose vertically, the Mammoth Drill is the ideal one, as it allows the operation to be performed in a single maneuver vertically.

What are the Panther Titanium Drills?

In the following video tutorial we can observe the process of mounting the Panther Titanium Drill used to perform perforations and inserts of the fittings to the hose, and how we mount it for a perfect perforation of the hose. The tool can be prepared for use with any type of fitting accessory. If you use a specific accessory and have doubts, you can contact our technical department, which will give you the instructions to mount your Panther Drill optimally for the make or model you use.


Prakor manufactures tools for drip irrigation installation that optimize time and semi-automatic field work, generating significant savings in labor and water consumption, and avoids workers’ injuries as ergonomic tools.

Prakor maintains the highest quality standards in the manufacture of its tools. If you want a professional job, choose Prakor, don’t accept imitations.

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