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Studies show that drip irrigation systems use 30% – 50% less water than conventional irrigation methods.

  • Improves growth: small amounts of water applied over a longer period of time provide ideal growth conditions. Drip irrigation extends irrigation times for plants, and prevents soil erosion and nutrient runoff. In addition, because the flow is continuous, the water penetrates deep into the soil to get down in the area of the roots.
  • Discourages weeds: water is distributed only where it is needed.
  • Time-saving: setting and spraying in motion is not necessary. A timer can be added to the automatic watering system. It helps to control fungal diseases, which grow rapidly under humid conditions. In addition, moist foliage can spread the disease.
  • Adaptable: A drip irrigation system can be easily modified to suit the changing needs of an area or other plantation.
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