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Prakor installs this year
in Fruit Attraction 2019
its stand located at 7E14, in a collaborative space of Agritech.

Prakor aims to show its latest developments in semi-automatic tools for drip irrigation installation, organic farming equipment and the new agricultural mechanization consulting service.

As far as Prakor tools are concerned, they all have common features:

  • Made of top quality steel,to offer unique strength and durability on the market.
  • Designs based on ease of use and ergonomics,to facilitate maximum performance from the first minute, obtain excellent results in each task and avoid overload on hands, arms and back.
  • They save time and costs in drip irrigation facilities, and are classified into tools for Drilling and Insertion, Fitting Docking, and Pipe Linking.
  • Each tool is oriented to one or more tasks, and from our commercial department we recommend the most suitable in each farm or crop.
  • The tools can be used for installation in outdoor farm, greenhouse or hydroponics.
  • Saving on water consumption,by performing each of the tasks cleanly and without leakage.

All our tools can be used in organic farming,as they do not use engines. And as a novelty is

presented the Pellet Subscriber,

which allows to deposit and bury the organic matter next to the irrigation rubber to achieve an optimal dissolution and use of the product.

Also as a novelty, in 2019 the
Department of Agricultural Process Machining
was created, whose objective is to design to measure and manufacture machines that automate processes of handling agricultural or agri-food products.

Fruit Atrraction 2019

This year the
International Fruit Attraction fair
is held in Madrid on October 22-24, 2019, with hours for Professionals from 9:30 to 19h.

We look forward to your visit!

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