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COBRA tong inserts fittings into D25, D32, and D40mm diameter pipes, with minimal effort and precision.

In turn, the COBRA tong improves accuracy in the insertion of branch link fittings, in the diameters of D25, D32, and D40mm pipe.

Precision tool, which performs an intermediate function between the BEE CONNECTOR PERFORATOR and the PANTHER PERFORATOR. COBRA allows fitting inserts to be inserted into pipes larger diameter and hardness than the BEE drill, and improves the accuracy of the PANTHER drill in inserting link fittings to pipe branches.

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-Perforate polyethylene pipes of diameters 25, 32, 40mm of any density and wall thickness.

-Allows the automatic insertion of any accessory model that can be pierced by its punch, longitudinally.


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